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Until the world gets to know you - you are your website. You ARE its Search Engine Position.

If your website ranks low on Search Engines - most people will not bother to search for it - or if they accidentally find it, may believe that your inattention to detail reflects negatively on your business capabilities.

If you rank highly in Search Engines and present a well-done website, the natural assumption is that you care about what you everything.

Search Engines are the primary tool used by Internet users to find web sites.

Google remains the strongest Search Engine in 2012.

Searches on Yahoo remained at all time lows between 13.5 percent and 15.9 percent (in March and April) depending upon which source reported (comScore or Experian Hitwise).

Experian and comScore both reported that Bing, Yahoo's search partner used to power Yahoo's paid and organic search results, increased in Search Engine marketing share in April.

comScore and Experian reported that Google remained dominant with differing reports that varied between 66.5 percent of searches to 64.42 percent of total searches.

AOL remained at a low 1.6 percent and Aks at 3 percent.

Forrester Research* estimates 81% of browsers use search engines to find web sites on the Internet.

A web site must be listed near the top of Search Engines for their keywords and phrases, or they will remain invisible and unvisited on the Web.

ZD Net** reports that "the majority of people (around 60-65%) will select their information out of the top 10 matches on any given search engine. Another 20-25% will click on a site ranking between positions 11 through 20. The bulk of the remaining traffic flows to sites in positions 21 through 30 with sites after position 30 sharing the last 3-4% of the remaining traffic."

Strategic placement for your product or service and high Search Engine ranking results in major traffic to a web site.

Percentage of click by number of keywords Scopelink ensures that your Search Engine position within the most popular Search Engines remains high and that your prime position is retained even with monthly Search Engine algorithm revisions.

* (Forrester Research is an independent technology research company that provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice about technology's impact on business.)
** (Information resources for IT professionals - ZDNet)

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